ATSgameplan is exactly how is sounds. When you are looking to bet against the spread, and you want to win, you need a gameplan. That's where WE come in. We are not here claiming to hit 65%, we are here to make you money!

Why did I start this site?

Actually this is a simple question to answer. I was looking through the internet last year, and happen to come across an article about how a sports betting expert turned a sucker's game into an industry. It was written by a guy named Ryan Goldberg, and was featured on Deadspin. It was about Pregame, and Specifically, RJ Bell. It talks about how sports handicappers are nothing but big mouth salesmen, who only want to be deceitful and take your money. And how none of them make money over time. So I decided to try and change this conception, and show that there are guys who care, who work hard, who are not salesmen, and who can make their clients money. So I started with myself. And that's why I am focusing on what I do best, pick over/unders. Because I admittedly have been bad at sides. But when you work for someone else, you have to go by their rules. But here, if I want to only post totals so as to win my clients money, I WILL.

I have looked at so many websites, just go Google any of the "Cappers networks and many others", and you will see. They only post what they have done well with. Not their true records. And not just that, but somehow they will be +4000 on those sites, and with the exact same picks, be -3000 on a site that shows real records.

If you have followed me long enough, you would know, I am transparent and real as they get. I never fabricate records, or blow smoke up anyone's ass. when I am bad, I am the first to say it. I love this business, but I want the general public to change their opinion of what handicappers really are. This business has gotten a lot of slack recently, because of the loud mouth, know it all, 70% salesmen who have dominated this field. I want that to change. I want to build real relationships where the customers matter most.

Why play with us?

First of all, I have been doing this long enough to know what you, the clients want. I also know what you all don't want. First of all, you want to win. Some of you want a lot of picks, some just want a few. And most important, you want an honest and transparent approach. What you don't want is salesman, here just to take your money.

Our handicappers!

I started making picks online back in 2009. At that point, I payed attention to many things including how certain cappers made their picks. I watched how they carried themselves, and how they fared overall. Fast forward to today. I have a great knowledge of who I respect in this business, and who I do not. I used that knowledge, and the knowledge of who I know wins in the long haul, and put together a list of guys. Out of those guys, I am only inviting the gentlemen I trust, and whom I would personally follow had the roles been reversed. As time progresses, that list will grow. But my promise to you is that the list will always be full of stand up, honest, and dependable gentlemen, who have a passion for this business, and is damn good at it.

Independent, Accurate Record-Keeping

We track records in an automated and independent way. Once the picks are entered, they are locked in and cannot be changed. The cappers will make their picks using live lines at that moment in time. That is to ensure upmost accuracy. The records will be updated automatically through a third party with leaderboards from all sports. We are even going to breakdown who does best at what. So if a capper like myself kicks ass on totals, we will make sure to get that information to you, because those things are valuable. You will even be able to see the picks 30 minutes after the game starts.

How to know which capper to follow?

The obvious answer is the one making the most money. But it's not that simple. That's why we are going to have the record keeping, and I personally will break down things to a finer line, just to make sure we know who is making money, and where. We also want you guys to try different cappers until you are comfortable and confident with one or two. Each capper has their own style. Some like to give analysis, others not so much. It will not be hard to find a capper who has your betting pattern, betting likes, and who you can follow to make money.


During this time when sports betting is becoming legal, our goal is to reshape this business by being different. Bring back the fun and excitement of betting sports. Make money for us all, while we all get to follow what we love...sports!