Billy the Kid

Billy is new to the handicapping scene, but he is definitely not new to the sports betting scene. He has been wagering on sports for over 30 years. He has made a nice living betting sports, and now he is here to help you guys. He makes picks on almost every sport across the board, and has success on every level.

He specializes on MLB, NFL, and college football. His work begins when the lines come out as he pays close attention to line movements, sharp money, public moves, injuries, match ups, weather, and many other variables. If there is any angle he can get an edge, he will.

Billy has a love for sports especially football. He is a lifelong Cowboys fan. He shows his ... 


I am one of those sickos who watch every game in every sport, no matter if I have any action on that game or not. I just love sports, and I love betting on sports, which makes it that much more fun. I have been betting on sports for over 30 years, and still love it as much today.

I had to change my bio from other sites to keep it updated. I did come onto the scene like a Barry Sanders TD, that part is real. I started posting free picks on Covers back in 2009. I became very popular there as my picks in most sports were kicking tail. There was a WNBA thread that had never gotten more then 25k views in a season. I began posting all my picks there, and received over 100k views in

Matt Fargo
Consistent winning is the name of the game and that is what Matt provides. He has become one of the most recognized and respected handicappers around and that is by no accident. His top notch analysis backs up every play so he doesn't just give you winners, he tells you exactly why. While many will says this, Matt backs it up as every one of his plays are documented at Sports Watch Monitor. While specific systems are not used on a daily basis, Matt is considered a situational handicapper above anything else. Analyzing each and every game, no matter how big or how small the card may be, is essential to be able to pull out the best situational plays. He is a contrarian at heart which is one ... 
The Melvinator

I am the "old man" of the group. That can only mean one thing. I have the most experience and the most wisdom of them all. That does not make be a better sports adviser, but it means I have been doing it long enough to know what to look for. I will probably be the most conservative man in this group of good cappers. Because I want my picks to follow every single system I look into. And if they fall short, they do not make the list. For that reason, I do not post a ton of picks. But I do win consistently. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters. I will work hard to show you profit each time out. Because I take it seriously that you all are showing faith in me with your purch ... 

Stephen Nover

I've turned a profit in the NFL 21 of 23 years by spending long hours researching, watching and talking to sources that I've developed having been a sportswriter for more than 20 years. In the end, it comes down to my own gut feel. I've been passionate about the NFL since I first started watching back in 1963 (the year the Bears won the championship under George Halas beating Y.A. Tittle's Giants in the championship game). I know the players. I understand what trends, angles, statistics and history have meaning and what is just verbiage.

I go through every game beginning the previous week. It's important to not only stay ahead, but also not to have your judgment comple ... 

Alex Smart

My picks have been documented for 20 years. I have earned numerous top 10 Basketball and Football finishes and I am a long term consistent winner.

My College Football picks have profited in 18 of my last 20 seasons. In 2011 I went 68% for the year. Last season I finished another strong campaign among the top 5 College Football cappers in the nation.

I was the 2009 NFL Handicapper of the Year in 2009 in a prestigious event. I won the Ultimate Football NFL Championship in 2006. In 2014 I overcame a slow start to finish 59-32 65%!

I have been a NBA World Champion on multiple occasions during the last decade, with 9 winning seasons the last 11 years.