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My picks have been documented for 20 years. I have earned numerous top 10 Basketball and Football finishes and I am a long term consistent winner.

My College Football picks have profited in 18 of my last 20 seasons. In 2011 I went 68% for the year. Last season I finished another strong campaign among the top 5 College Football cappers in the nation.

I was the 2009 NFL Handicapper of the Year in 2009 in a prestigious event. I won the Ultimate Football NFL Championship in 2006. In 2014 I overcame a slow start to finish 59-32 65%!

I have been a NBA World Champion on multiple occasions during the last decade, with 9 winning seasons the last 11 years.

I also continue to beat the College Hoops book makers with a high volume attack on a yearly basis and finished the 2017 campaign ranked 2nd in the nation. Last year was my first losing season in a decade and Ill be back with the vengeance this season.

NHL Hockey , WNBA, and CFL have also seen my clients make considerable profits over the last two decades.

Handicapping Approach

I have a firm belief in my systems. There is not a sport I feel I can not beat.

My handicapping can be best referred to as the 'The Smart Money Approach". I leave no stone unturned. I have a large database of information and statistics. I also take into consideration injuries, current and historical trends, and form. I also factor in the weather, surface conditions, and line movement.

Sports Betting Is An Investment

Many gamblers offer causal explanations for long runs of good and bad performance. The same is true of financial analysts. The records of bettors and investors show the same variable successes and failures.

Both investment opportunities show significant variables and both can give the investor an advantage. You need to do the proper research to consider all the facts. If you do so a long term profit is more than attainable.

I think sports betting is even better than the stock market. The investor/bettor has much more control over his funds. You can take a short break, and almost always know your bankroll has not been untouched.

In the markets you are leaving your 401K and other mutual investments in the hands of a volatile marketplace. Plus, you are being torched for huge handling fees by brokers on individual investments. These fees would make sports book managers drool.

I am not saying it is easy making a living from sports betting. But, the small percent who do consistently beat the books have a much better rate of return than that of any market investor!

This is the outlook I have on every wager I place in the sports wagering markets. I take my portfolio very seriously!

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Alex Smart Release Times
All picks will be posted at least one hour before game-time. But we will try our best to get those picks in ASAP because we know you guys need them quick. Also remember, we are pulling lines from 5 different sportsbooks. As any good bettor would know, you need to have access to more then one line. Also, some of us will post our picks sooner then others. We use live lines at that moment, so some cappers will have different numbers then others. To be successful, try to order the picks asap. Don't wait for the line to change when you follow a capper and he makes an early selection. We will also post the picks within a half hour of the game starting to show transparency.
Alex Smart Rating System

All games will be based off of $100 bets. But there will be different ratings for each game inside our analysis and packages. That way you guys will know our biggest plays.

Why I chose Alex:
He is another one who dominates the NBA. It took all I had to hold him off for the money lead in the NBA a few years back. Last year, he won by a landslide. Alex makes a lot of picks, and is really good considering the volume. He is very solid across all sports, and is very professional with his approach. And he is always dependable for his clients making picks on a daily basis which is very important and under-valued in this business. Anyone who quotes the great "Jimmy the Greek", has my respect.

Alex Smart Money Management
Money Management To be a successful and profitable sports bettor you must always have a long term goal. Set that standard before you begin. You need to set aside a fairly substantial bankroll. If you want to be conservative you would wager no more than 1-2% of your bankroll per game. No more than 3% on the best bets. This might seem a little on the low side. But, this is a long and turbulent battle with the books. You will be happy that you practiced good money management and frugality. Here are some additional guidelines I recommend. 1. Shop for your best possible lines (rogue lines) from the most reputable sources. 2. Stay disciplined and do not stray from recommended bankroll allocation on individual wagers. Chasing your wagers never a good idea. 3. Always keep in mind that your bankroll is your life line. It must be treated the same way you would treat finances allocated for any business venture. 4. Buy off the hook on key numbers. 5. Understanding the importance and the art of middling. 6. Keep a record of all your wagers and results and use them as part of over all statistical data base. These are some important factors that will help you in your quest for long term profits. I leave you with a thought from the late great Jimmy the Greek. The house does not beat the player, it just gives him the opportunity to beat himself. *Almost all selections have the same allocated bankroll %(which equals 1 betting unit). Strong (RARE) selections will see our single game wagers doubled. These plays are rated as GENERALS CLUB GAME OF THE YEAR selections.