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Billy is new to the handicapping scene, but he is definitely not new to the sports betting scene. He has been wagering on sports for over 30 years. He has made a nice living betting sports, and now he is here to help you guys. He makes picks on almost every sport across the board, and has success on every level.

He specializes on MLB, NFL, and college football. His work begins when the lines come out as he pays close attention to line movements, sharp money, public moves, injuries, match ups, weather, and many other variables. If there is any angle he can get an edge, he will.

Billy has a love for sports especially football. He is a lifelong Cowboys fan. He shows his dedication and determination by following them even through their bad years. He uses that same approach with his clients and their hard earned money. Although he is new to this business, he has been making picks a long time, so we don't think it will take you (the clients) long to follow him!

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Billy the Kid Release Times
All picks will be posted at least one hour before game-time. But we will try our best to get those picks in ASAP because we know you guys need them quick. Also remember, we are pulling lines from 5 different sportsbooks. As any good bettor would know, you need to have access to more then one line. Also, some of us will post our picks sooner then others. We use live lines at that moment, so some cappers will have different numbers then others. To be successful, try to order the picks asap. Don't wait for the line to change when you follow a capper and he makes an early selection. We will also post the picks within a half hour of the game starting to show transparency.
Billy the Kid Rating System

All games will be based off of $100 bets. But there will be different ratings for each game inside our analysis and packages. That way you guys will know our biggest plays.

Why I chose Billy:
First of all, when he is on, he can be pretty damn sick. I have seen him turn a $500 deposit into over $70k in just about 2 months. He did that betting mainly baseball. That is his strong suite. When he is hot in baseball, no one can beat him. He is also top notch at betting southeastern teams in college football, and NFC East teams in the NFL. I always go to him for advice there. He is just like me with a love for sports. Billy is one of those guys that can make you a lot of money in a hurry, because when he is hot, he is blue hot.

Billy the Kid Money Management
My money management system is very simple. First of all, never bet more then you can afford, No matter what. Second, stick to your systems and bet percentages. Meaning do not go bigger just because you are behind. And third, always remember, it is an investment. There will be down times. JUST BE PATIENT.