Matt Fargo
Matt was +$48,670 across the board in 2018 and he is looking for higher returns in 2019. The NBA is rolling as he is 69-57 L126 and he is a SWEET 82-69 ATS +$6,514 YTD! CBB 46-33 Run! NHL 109-95 (+$3,856) YTD!

Yesterday's Picks
Monday, February 18, 2019
TCU vs. Oklahoma State (NCAAB) - 9:00 PM EST Premium Pick
Pick: Point Spread: -3/-110     TCU   Rating: 10* Score Not Yet Available
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Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) - 7:35 PM EST Premium Pick
Pick: Money Line: 115     Columbus Blue Jackets   Rating: 10* Score Not Yet Available
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Get seven days of Matt Fargo's Winning Selections right here! Fargo isn't one of the best handicappers in the world for nothing - Consistent winning is the name of the game and Fargo has game!

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Fargo's 2018-19 NHL Season Package
It was a season for the ages as in 2017-18, Fargo was 162-106 (+$2,855) in the NHL and he is expecting a repeat performance this season! Do not hesitate and take advantage of early bird pricing!

Fargo's NFL Season Package
The NFL season is right around the corner and you can catch a great deal with Fargo right now! He is an EPIC +$42,609 over the last six seasons and he is expecting his most profitable one to take place in 2018!

Consistent winning is the name of the game and that is what Matt provides. He has become one of the most recognized and respected handicappers around and that is by no accident. His top notch analysis backs up every play so he doesn't just give you winners, he tells you exactly why. While many will says this, Matt backs it up as every one of his plays are documented at Sports Watch Monitor. While specific systems are not used on a daily basis, Matt is considered a situational handicapper above anything else. Analyzing each and every game, no matter how big or how small the card may be, is essential to be able to pull out the best situational plays. He is a contrarian at heart which is one of the best ways to beat the books on a steady basis.

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Matt Fargo Release Times
For the integrity and transparency of this site, we will be grading all selections off of a 100 point grading system. That means each pick will be graded as if the capper were betting to win $100. At no time will that change. And at no time, will any records not be counted other then cancellations and things like that. However, there are plays that we may like more then others. We will let you know those things in the write up, and under the ads for the picks (GOY, GOM, GOW, High Roller). So bet wisely.
Matt Fargo Rating System

All games will be based off of $100 bets. But there will be different ratings for each game inside our analysis and packages. That way you guys will know our biggest plays.

Why I chose Matt:
When I got into this business I paid close attention to how guys made picks. Not only did I watch how good they were in different sports, but also how they carried themselves. I was instantly drawn to Matt's style. Not only is he one of the best football cappers around, but he does his job in such a professional manner, that it is hard not to like the guy. Oh and by the way, he kicks butt in every other sport as well. And is very consistent making picks every day. You can make a lot of dough following this guy.

Matt Fargo Money Management