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Not many cappers handicap as many sports as Neil, and NO ONE DOES IT BETTER! Neil has made his name with his High Rollers and totals in all sports, proving he is one of the best in the world. All picks, great price! This will show you Neil's High Rollers with each and every pick included!

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ALL SPORTS from the most respected, honest, and best multi-sports capper in the world. BEST PRICE! NO ONE dominates Vegas and makes the oddsmakers look foolish like him. It's not can you afford him, it's can you afford not to follow him.

I am one of those sickos who watch every game in every sport, no matter if I have any action on that game or not. I just love sports, and I love betting on sports, which makes it that much more fun. I have been betting on sports for over 30 years, and still love it as much today.

I had to change my bio from other sites to keep it updated. I did come onto the scene like a Barry Sanders TD, that part is real. I started posting free picks on Covers back in 2009. I became very popular there as my picks in most sports were kicking tail. There was a WNBA thread that had never gotten more then 25k views in a season. I began posting all my picks there, and received over 100k views in two weeks.

I was finally given my first shot of making revenue by Donbest, who I am still extremely grateful too. My first 2 years there, I handicapped 14 sports. Out of those 14 sports, I finished in the top 5 eleven times. That was against some of the best cappers around. But I made my name with honesty, dedication, and hard work. Plus my High Roller club became a sensation. I was able to hit a very high percentage of those picks in every sport.

I then was added to VI. I have finished 10 sports there. I have a first place finish in the NBA as the money leader. I also have a 2nd place in college basketball. But my claim to fame are my totals selections. Out of the 10 sports I have handicapped, I have 4 number one finishes on totals. Also, a 3rd, 4th , and 7th place totals finish. I like to play a lot of games, so if you like that as well, you will like to follow me.

Last year, my father got sick, and I had to focus my time taking care of him. I suffered with my picks, but it was well worth it to spend his last days with him. Almost all of my sports took a hit that year. He passed away in Feb of this year. At that point, I was almost -5000 in CBB, my best sport. But after he passed, and I was able to focus again. I was able to almost get back to even in just two months. Since then, I have started to pick back up . At one point, before his illness, I was at almost +$16k in totals betting. That means that on VI, if someone had only bet my totals ($100 per game) in those previous 18 months, they would have been up almost 16,000$. It was way more going back to my start on DB.

I never claim to be the best at anything. Because I feel like there is always someone bigger, badder, better then you. But I do believe when it comes to totals, I am as good as anyone. That is one of the reasons I started this page. Thanks to one of my bosses telling me I cannot just pick totals. I thought it was about winning the client money, nothing more.

Where I really shine is the postseason in any sport. A few years back, I was 30-14 in the NBA playoffs. That was incredible, but nothing compared to the 43-14 I was the year before. That same year, I was 29-11 in the NCAA tourney. Back in 2012, I was 10-1 in the NFL playoffs. My only loss that year was in the Superbowl that my 49ers lost. I am also quite sick when it comes to 2nd half wagering. After I see how the teams play in the first half, I can be quite good in the 2nd half.

I work my butt off everyday looking for that extra bit of info needed. I love what I do, and take it more serious then most. I started this page to try and set apart what people think of us handicappers. That is why I hand picked only the people who I truly admire and respect. The guys in this industry who take it as a very serious job, and give their all. And I am dedicating this site to my father who taught me everything I knew about sports betting, good and bad. And whom was always there for me.

Why follow me? That is simple. Just go read my Twitter feed. I care more then anyone in this business to win. I take each and every game like it was my life on the line. I have the same killer instinct as MJ, Kobe, Brady. I HATE TO LOSE. The only difference between them and I is of course athletic talent LOL

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NeiltheGreek Release Times
All picks will be posted at least one hour before game-time. But we will try our best to get those picks in ASAP because we know you guys need them quick. Also remember, we are pulling lines from 5 different sportsbooks. As any good bettor would know, you need to have access to more then one line. Also, some of us will post our picks sooner then others. We use live lines at that moment, so some cappers will have different numbers then others. To be successful, try to order the picks asap. Don't wait for the line to change when you follow a capper and he makes an early selection. We will also post the picks within a half hour of the game starting to show transparency.
NeiltheGreek Rating System
For the integrity and transparency of this site, we will be grading all selections off of a 100 point grading system. That means each pick will be graded as if the capper were betting to win $100. At no time will that change. And at no time, will any records not be counted other then cancellations and things like that. However, there are plays that we may like more then others. We will let you know those things in the write up, and under the ads for the picks (GOY, GOM, GOW, High Roller). So bet wisely.
NeiltheGreek Money Management
If you are really serious about winning money betting sports, the most important thing is money management. First of all, never go too big on one pick, no matter how much we like it. That is just not smart because things happen. Second, understand this is not a get rich quick program. You need to have patience and bet smart. Over time, you will make money. Trust me when I tell you that anyone claiming to hit 60% over time is full of it. But also trust me when I tell you, you can make tons of money hitting 53-54% over time. Also, know which guys to follow. I know that you will have favorites, and that is great. But pay attention to who is hot, and which capper is good at what. It will pay off. Lastly, most important thing is to NEVER chase..