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I've turned a profit in the NFL 21 of 23 years by spending long hours researching, watching and talking to sources that I've developed having been a sportswriter for more than 20 years. In the end, it comes down to my own gut feel. I've been passionate about the NFL since I first started watching back in 1963 (the year the Bears won the championship under George Halas beating Y.A. Tittle's Giants in the championship game). I know the players. I understand what trends, angles, statistics and history have meaning and what is just verbiage.

I go through every game beginning the previous week. It's important to not only stay ahead, but also not to have your judgment completely clouded by what just happened. Rarely is an NFL team as bad or as good as it might have looked the week before. Sometimes this leads to an early play where often I can get the best of the number before the marketplace gets fully involved. I respect key numbers - stop signs as I call them - but I am not intimidated by them. If all my research and instincts put me on a side or total, I will play it unless the number is too outrageous.

Unlike many professional handicappers, I use my real name. I'm not afraid to put my real name to something. There are too many scammers and fakes, who rely more on marketing and promotion than knowledge and true handicapping skill. I put in the 60 plus hours a week necessary to do the research and work. You'll be able to see that in my detailed analysis that I have for every play I put out. I'm a fundamental style handicapper basing much of my opinion on matchup analysis along with situational elements and pertinent statistics. I don't prejudge games. A team could be playing on the road a third consecutive week, but that doesn't automatically disqualify them as a play.

I handicap all of the major American sports. I am 75-59-1 (56%) the past two years in college football. This past season, I ranked No. 2 in hockey and No. 3 in the NBA as documented by Vegas Insider. I also finished as the No. 2 baseball handicapper in 2017 as documented by Vegas Insider.

Bottom line is I put in the work, have the necessary knowledge, experience and sources to consistently win - which I do. The proof is in the record. Please join me and let's win together!

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All picks will be posted at least one hour before game-time. But we will try our best to get those picks in ASAP because we know you guys need them quick. Also remember, we are pulling lines from 5 different sportsbooks. As any good bettor would know, you need to have access to more then one line. Also, some of us will post our picks sooner then others. We use live lines at that moment, so some cappers will have different numbers then others. To be successful, try to order the picks asap. Don't wait for the line to change when you follow a capper and he makes an early selection. We will also post the picks within a half hour of the game starting to show transparency.
Stephen Nover Rating System

All games will be based off of $100 bets. But there will be different ratings for each game inside our analysis and packages. That way you guys will know our biggest plays.

Why I chose Stephen:
He is flat out the best NBA handicapper I have seen. The NBA is the sport that gives me the most problems and drives me crazy, yet he makes it look simple. If you had bet $100 on each of his picks on VI, you would be up almost $20k. And those are real documented numbers. He is also one of the best NHL cappers around. Stephen is one of the most solid cappers in every sport across the board. And a very nice guy to boot.

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