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I am the "old man" of the group. That can only mean one thing. I have the most experience and the most wisdom of them all. That does not make be a better sports adviser, but it means I have been doing it long enough to know what to look for. I will probably be the most conservative man in this group of good cappers. Because I want my picks to follow every single system I look into. And if they fall short, they do not make the list. For that reason, I do not post a ton of picks. But I do win consistently. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters. I will work hard to show you profit each time out. Because I take it seriously that you all are showing faith in me with your purchases. I specialize in the NFL and college football. But I push to show profit in all sports.

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The Melvinator Release Times
All picks will be posted at least one hour before game-time. But we will try our best to get those picks in ASAP because we know you guys need them quick. Also remember, we are pulling lines from 5 different sportsbooks. As any good bettor would know, you need to have access to more then one line. Also, some of us will post our picks sooner then others. We use live lines at that moment, so some cappers will have different numbers then others. To be successful, try to order the picks asap. Don't wait for the line to change when you follow a capper and he makes an early selection. We will also post the picks within a half hour of the game starting to show transparency.
The Melvinator Rating System

All games will be based off of $100 bets. But there will be different ratings for each game inside our analysis and packages. That way you guys will know our biggest plays.

Why I chose Melvin:
Melvin is new to the sports handicapping world, but has been around gambling for more then 50 years. He is just getting started in many sports, but has been dominating the NFL for quite some time. If you love to play parlays in the NFL, he is your guy. One of the few guys that can play one of those little white cards, and have a chance almost every time out. Of course, that would be for entertainment purposes only. He also has been very good in college football. Every other sport, he is getting his feet wet. But just give him time, and he too will be winning across the board.

The Melvinator Money Management

The only way to make money in this business is to have a plan and stick to it. You must maintain your systems. You must never go above your plan just because you are behind. Betting between 1-2% of your bankroll should always be your max. And you should set goals to meet. Treat this as an investment. This should be treated just as the stock market. Only with this, following the right guy could make you a lot more cash.